Sunday, November 21, 2010

Old autograph books

How many of you guys still have your old autograph books? I found mine the other day. Messages written in the sixties and early seventies gave me a good laugh but then there were serious ones a few life lessons too. Some of the friends who wrote in them have probably long fogotten me but because of these small cherished books of mine, they will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are a few of them:

All good brothers love their sisters
But I, so good, have grown
To love somebody else's sister
Far better than my own!

My brother

Never trouble Trouble
'Till trouble Troubles you.


When you cry, you cry alone,
But when you laugh,
the whole world laughs with you.


It's hard to part with
friends you love,
It's hard to say 'Good-bye',
But it's harder still to find the towel
When soap gets in your eye!


Love is silly,
Love is sad,
Love is futile,
Love is mad,
Love is a sorrow,
Love is a curse,
Not being in love is worse!


Great heights reached by men,
and kept:
were not attained by sudden flight:
But they while their companions slept;
were toiling through the night.

G. de Klerk (a teacher)

Love is like an old Ford car
Easy to start
But darn hard to stop.


Silence is golden.

True friends are like diamonds
So precious and rare.
Others are like autumn leaves
Scattered everywhere.


I thought and thought,
but all in vain,
At last I thought,
I would write my name.


You owe so much to yourself
that you cannot afford
to owe anything to anyone else.

Mrs van Schoor (a teacher)

I cried because I had no shoes
until I saw a man without feet.

My Dad

If you have a mother
Love her while you may.
For the world is quite a different place,
the day she is taken away.

Mrs Dance (a teacher)

That smile that you send out,
returns to you.


The light of true friendship is like the light of phosphor
You will see it best when all is dark.

S. Hofmeyr (a teacher)

Oh Henry please dont kiss me!
Oh Henry please don't kiss!
Oh Henry please don't!
Oh Henry please!
Oh Henry!


When your life on earth has ended
And your path no more is trod
May your name in gold be written
In the autograph of God.


We are seldom sorry that we said too little
But quite often that we said too much.

Mr Peens (a teacher)

The shortest poem in the world
Hired Tired Fired

Life is not a vacation
but an education
And the lesson for everyone...
how to love more.

My Mom

Friday, November 12, 2010

On a piece of paper

When I helped out at a recyling depot some years ago, I found this scribbled in a childlike manner on a tattered piece of paper. I have no idea who wrote these words but another blogger's post reminded me of them once again.

When faced with a mountain
I will not quit
I will keep on striving
until I climb over
find a path through
tunnel under
or simply stay
and turn the mountain into a goldmine
with God's help.