Monday, September 20, 2010


Last week was a busy one. In a way that is a good thing as I did not get a chance to ponder too much on all the emotions it brought with it. Firstly it was my eldest daughter's graduation ceremony. I felt a wave of pride rush over me when her name was finally called out and she was handed that well deserved Master's degree. We know how hard it was to persevere with the studying while having to pursue a full time teaching job. She did so well though, balancing her relationship with David, (her fiance who supported her much during this time) and even starting a new hobby, namely running. The running brought a smile to our faces as when she was a little girl whe could hardly even make it for a walk around the block and which went along with lots of grumbling and moaning. In fact the Masters degree in Education is quite something too as she really did not enjoy her school years that much and mainly looked forward to attend the art classes. Well Monique, no one can be prouder and I look forward to seeing what other wonderful surprises your life has in store for us to observe and we feel so privileged to be to be part of it.

I rushed from the one function to the next - it was the matric lunch for the girls and their moms. My matric daughter waited patiently for me at the gate. I glanced at the familiar uniform and thought...only a few months more! The tables were set in cheerful spring colours and we were welcomed by some of her best friends and their moms. During the speeches we were reminded of the big world that awaits these beautiful young ladies in 2011! Not long to go then it is the final exams for our youngest! Mischa I wish you well...the world is your oyster!

I found this poem many years ago not realising how quickly the years will pass and my own girls will be all grown up!


Yesterday, a lovely child
Enchanting those she meets
Pouring tea for favorite dolls
Begging Mom for sweets...
All too soon a leggy girl
Discovering boys and clothes,
Spending hours before a mirror
Powdering her nose...
Presently a woman grown,
A tender bud unfurled,
Ready now to prove herself
Before a watchful world!

D.J. Faulhaber

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Food

Can food make you happy? Well, I thought that food should be eaten to keep us healthy and give us energy. When a meal is nicely presented and tasty, it's an added bonus. But then I read this thought provoking article in my son's Men's magazine. The writer suggested that there are certain foods that contain some elements which could give us a general feeling of well-being. I am impressed as to what eating more of some of these yummy morsels have done for my serotonin levels!
I will mention some of them for those of you who like this idea. Please let me know if you have tried them and whether you found them to make a difference.

Green beans - rich in magnesium
Butternut squash - peel chop and roast in olive oil with rosemary as it will help to keep your nerve cells alive
Chocolate - rather not too much of this one but it does release the endorphins
Cottage cheese - could help you nod off when you cannot get to sleep
Butter beans - brings on feelings of motivation and pleasure
Sesame seed - people with depression have low levels of the amino acid threonine and it can be found found in sesame seed.
Portobello mushrooms - for the Vitamin B3 as a deficiency can lead to depression
Liquorice - yay! it helps the body to deal with stress and contains isoflavan and isoflavene, used to treat the symptoms of depression
Cauliflower - it has a spirit-raising vitamin
Carrots - carrots are high in the vitamin Biotin and a deficiency of this could cause depression and fatigue
Walnuts - an excellent source of Omega-3's which help brain cells and moodlifting neurotransmitters to function properly
Sweetcorn - the vitamin B1 found in these little yellow kernels will improve mood, alertness and energy even after just a few months of adding sweetcorn to our meals

A few of the other foods that were mentioned are:
wheat, oranges, hummus, grapefruit, brazil nuts, parsley, tuna and lentils.

Honestly, I do think there is something to this.


Don’t let meals depress you
Rather ward off the blues
With fresh veggies, protein and pudding too!

Foods that cheer us up could be
green beans, tuna and ginseng tea
I’ll add some chocolate and liquorice for me

Don’t forget the brazil nuts and walnuts,
They’re sure to help
Just like hummus, squash and kelp

How about some cottage cheese
Or goats milk or wheat,
oranges, parsley or sesame seed

So come on let’s eat
whether it be vegetables, fruit
or meat

For food is medicine and will keep us healthy
And ensure we stay the right side of happy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When Andy and I were first married we had a plan drawn up of the house of our dreams. The architecht was perceptive and understood exactly what we had in mind. We were living in Gauteng at the time and would never have dreamt that Andy would have a job opportunity in the beautiful Cape! Our dream home was built in the pretty town called Somerset West. Not only did we wake up to the sound of birds singing but also to the most magnificent mountain views. We were in a quiet spot surrounded by great neighbours and breathtaking surroundings and used to take fun walks with our toddlers and made some special memories. After a couple of years my Andy took a job opportunity in Port Elizabeth where we lived for seven years. After that we ended up in Cape Town for sixteen years where we still pined for our house in Somerset West.

What a surprise when we recently got an e-mail to say that this house is on the market! We took a drive to Somerset West and I could not help but wipe a tear as I walked down the passage and in my minds-eye saw my children playing and giggling in their rooms and splashing water all over the bathroom floor. The old Almond tree in the garden where my son tried to swing from a branch like Tarzan and nearly injuring himself, brought back a flood of memories.

The new owners, however, have made some good changes and renovations but the house is unaffordable for us now! Also they have put their stamp on it.

We took a ride around the suburb afterwards trying to get an idea of the house prices in this area. One house in a quiet cul-de-sac drew our attention. We could not believe was spacy and well kept, has a pool and the most wonderful view over the Strand and Gordon's Bay beaches. The kitchen is a dream and takes us out to a patio with built-in braai area that overlooks the pool. From the bedrooms we can see the Hottentots Holland mountains. It offers large office space while Andy still works from home. Surprise Surprise! - it costs less than the old house. Suddenly all sentiment went out the window. I realise that even if we bought our old house that it will never be the same. Our children are older and leaving the nest but I have those memories to carry in my heart forever. We have other needs now and maybe one of them is a fresh start. A place where we can entertain friends (especially ones that come from afar) - a place to have fun with our older children when they visit and hopefully one day grandchildren too.

I realise that nothing stays the same forever but God. And He brings new blessing and opportunities every morning - I have to look at Him and see what plans He has in store for us. If it is for us to stay here in the leafy suburb of Rondebosch a while longer, that's fine too.
I shall be patient but watch this space...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

No news is good news

Who doesn't love exciting news? While I was very busy and home with young children I could hardly wait for my husband to come home from work to hear all the juicy news from the office, who was dating who and what was going on in the world out there. It just lifted my spirit and did not make me feel quite so boxed in. Those days passed in a flash and now that I am older I have found that actually, no news is good news! I have made my peace with the fact that my days can sometimes be a little boring or dreary and have realised that being part of the humdrum of everyday life can be a real blessing! So many things could go wrong in one's daily existence - a family member might become ill, there could be a car accident or maybe even a burglary. These things can really turn one's life upside down. During monotonous days I look for the simple things in life to spruce up my existence. I don't look at a day as uneventful anymore. What, with blogging, a good 'whodunnit' novel, a quick chat with a neighbour, noticing some beauty in an unusual spot and painting a picture, I have no excuse! In fact these things now put a smile on my face.
I think I should thank the Lord every time a friend asks: 'What's new?' and I reply: 'No news is good news'.