Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My Silver Micra was written off not so long ago. Not by me! But I might write more about that in another post. After a frustrating few months without a car I was finally coping with my son's car. He kindly loaned the Gholf to me while working overseas for a couple of months. Later, we would decide what to do about purchasing a new vehicle.

At some time a burglar tampered with the door lock on the driver's side of the Gholf. That proved to be a challenge to fix. Until we could find a solution, I was forced to get into the car from the passenger side. I did not mind this little inconvenience as just having means of transport again was wonderful. Suddenly that door would not open either! My husband worked on the lock and after some testing promised me it would be all right and that we would have the driver's side lock sorted soon as well. I mentioned that I had to do some grocery shopping and that it would be a problem if neither locks were functioning. He reassured me that all would be fine, but humorously suggested that if all fails, I may have to access the driver's seat through the boot. I giggled and said that I would avoid wearing a skirt!

Well, off I went to the shopping mall, looking forward to hosting the guests who were due to arrive the next day. I finished my monthly shopping and returned to the buzzing parking lot. I neatly stacked the parcels into the boot and closed it. I tried to open the car door, but sighed as I realised that, indeed, the lock failed me once again. I noticed a friendly looking Nigerian car guard standing nearby, patiently awaiting his tip. I asked him to please help me open the door, but he could not do that either. He kindly helped me move my parcels to the one side of the boot. I climbed over the seat, my older bum in the air, sliding into the driver's seat. He closed the boot and as I buckled up, I noticed one of my more afluent neighbours driving past. She must have seen my situation! Bright red by now, I felt embarrassed, angry and sorry for myself. I tipped the car guard but drove off in a huff.

On my way out of the parking lot a helpless, weary beggar in a wheel chair caught my eye. He had no arms and no legs, but a wide, toothy smile on his face. In that moment, I was brought back to reality. Despite my few minutes of discomfort, I had so many blessings to be grateful for. I hung my head in shame. This was just an insignificant incident to remind me of all my priviledges, a healthy body, a wonderful family and friends plus God's amazing grace that I so often take for granted! I wiped away a tear.