Monday, September 20, 2010


Last week was a busy one. In a way that is a good thing as I did not get a chance to ponder too much on all the emotions it brought with it. Firstly it was my eldest daughter's graduation ceremony. I felt a wave of pride rush over me when her name was finally called out and she was handed that well deserved Master's degree. We know how hard it was to persevere with the studying while having to pursue a full time teaching job. She did so well though, balancing her relationship with David, (her fiance who supported her much during this time) and even starting a new hobby, namely running. The running brought a smile to our faces as when she was a little girl whe could hardly even make it for a walk around the block and which went along with lots of grumbling and moaning. In fact the Masters degree in Education is quite something too as she really did not enjoy her school years that much and mainly looked forward to attend the art classes. Well Monique, no one can be prouder and I look forward to seeing what other wonderful surprises your life has in store for us to observe and we feel so privileged to be to be part of it.

I rushed from the one function to the next - it was the matric lunch for the girls and their moms. My matric daughter waited patiently for me at the gate. I glanced at the familiar uniform and thought...only a few months more! The tables were set in cheerful spring colours and we were welcomed by some of her best friends and their moms. During the speeches we were reminded of the big world that awaits these beautiful young ladies in 2011! Not long to go then it is the final exams for our youngest! Mischa I wish you well...the world is your oyster!

I found this poem many years ago not realising how quickly the years will pass and my own girls will be all grown up!


Yesterday, a lovely child
Enchanting those she meets
Pouring tea for favorite dolls
Begging Mom for sweets...
All too soon a leggy girl
Discovering boys and clothes,
Spending hours before a mirror
Powdering her nose...
Presently a woman grown,
A tender bud unfurled,
Ready now to prove herself
Before a watchful world!

D.J. Faulhaber


  1. I love the poem and can very much relate to your thoughts about the girls!

  2. Another milestone for you Theresa, a double whammy of two blessings one after the other. Reading your post just reminds me yet again that our children will most likely always live up to what we believe of them. Isn't it exciting to imagine all the possibilities the future holds for your girls.

  3. Sjoe, maatjie-jy lyk baie mooi op die fotos-daar is 'n jeugdigheid wat van jou af uitstraal!
    Dis 'n pragtige stukkie wat jy geskrywe het-ek wil weer se baie geluk-jou dogters is gelukkig om 'n ma soos jy te kan he!