Saturday, October 6, 2012


Anne of Green Gables called it a 'kindred spirit'. How often does one find one? Well in the last few months I have found a couple of 'likeminded' ladies from unexpected sources. Today I want to blog about two.

I have been teaching Afrikaans lessons from home and mailnly have young second language students. I was surpised when a forty year old American lady enquired about taking Afrikaans lessons with me. She started immediately and we have lessons three times per week. She has shown such an interest in Afrikaans and we now exchange Afrikaans magazines, movies etc. Not only has she fallen in love with my mother tongue but she also shares my interest in finding treasures in small antique or secondhand stores. Roxanne shares another love of mine namely arts and crafts. She is always bringing or showing me new items that she created.

Yesterday a friend asked me over for coffee to meet her new tennant. She thought we might have some things in common. I met another kindred spirit around the same age as myself. Surprise, surprise! Like me she still finds delight in beautifully illustrated children's books, enjoys spending hourse browsing in book shops and libraries. I hope to get to know her better and see much more of this precious woman. Hopefully we can inspire each other to write and read a little more or even encourage each other to find our hidden talents.

Kindred spirits according to the dictionary: An individual with the same beliefs, attitudes and feelings as oneself. I wonder how many of those one will meet in a life time.


  1. Treasure these moments, Trix, they are so precious! Will you write more? I love your style.