Sunday, October 17, 2010

My favourite charity


On Saturday morning I attended a yearly Thank you spring tea at St Luke's Hospice for the fifth time. As usual I came home feeling enriched by the speakers, delightful music and the wonderful company. Death is not always an easy subject and actually a topic most people try to avoid. I learnt how Hospices, remarkably can be happy places for the dying. It was brought to my attention once again that one matters because you are you, and you matter to the last moment of your life. Hospice care includes not only being cared for, being cleared of pain but can help to prepare the mind for death and spiritually as well (if they so desire). The family too can be councelled to come to terms with the situation. All of this is given, irrespective of the patient's ability to pay for these services!

I never want life to only start for me when I die. I realised once again that one should not wait until your life is dangling by a thread to live but to live every day as if it was your last - And I am left wondering yet again about what really is important in life and whether I have all my priorities right.

The picture above is that of a large tree in the beautiful St Luke's garden. It is lit every December with a small ceremony. One can purchase a light to be added if you would like to bring a small tribute to a loved one who passed away.


  1. Such a good reminder to always live life to the full! Gets one thinking! I must say I am quite amazed by the picture of the tree. There are so mnay lights on it! I think that is a very special way to honour loved ones.

  2. Such an important thing to try to get your head around - trying to see what are the truly important things in life as early and as clearly as possible.
    Then to live in that clarity.
    Sorry I missed you on the FB pop-up.

  3. Aah Theresa your words are so true. So often thinking about death produces a love for life. When we become familiar with death we accept each week, each day as a gift. Only if we are able to accept life bit by bit, does it become very precious indeed. I think you definitely have your priorities in the right order my friend :)

  4. Dis so waar, maatjie-elke oomblik maak saak en hoe wonderlik dat Jesus ons onvoorwaardelik elke oomblik lief het en dit eindig nie eens by die dood nie.
    Ken jy Kahlil Gibran se Enjoy the pleasure of life?