Saturday, October 23, 2010

Small pleasures

Some things made me grin from ear to ear the last couple of days! Thought I would share a few of them with you.
My neighbour's husband gave her the most magnificent bouquet of flowers for their anniversary - they went on holiday shortly after and I was the neighbour she thought it suitable to so kindly give it to!
Then I found a beautiful new silk scarf with roses on it for next to nothing at Oasis Recycling's little shop.
The Pomegranate tree which my husband planted a few years ago is finally showing some signs of small fruit just as I was beginning to lose all hope!

I promised my daughter that I would create a few items for her to sell at her stall for a market day and so I created some greeting cards. I was inspired by another blogger who makes felt birds and am pleased to say everyone seems to find mine quite delightful as well.


  1. What delightful cards...and lovely bouquet to inherit.

  2. I love pomegranates! Hope they grow to be delicious.

  3. what a lovely pink post!
    I have one wonderful memory of pomegranates, someone in Las Vegas when I loved there as a kid had them in their backyard. And we picked them straight from the tree and ate them with salt. Yummy. And I sprayed my dress with the juices and my mother was so upset!!! Your lilies are lovely. Aren't you a lucky neighbor?
    Happy Pink Saturday- a bit late-

  4. I like those birds too! And the swatches of fabric they are perched on :)

  5. Oh those cards are so beautiful! I just love them and now I'm inspired! Maybe I'll try and make something like that too...maybe owls to match my blog! Thank you for sending me this link...I'm sorry I didn't check it out sooner but the email drowned in my inbox and I just now fished it out! By the way, are you participating in Pink Saturday at Beverly's blog? You've got some great pinks here and then someone commented with a "Happy Pink Saturday" so I wondered if you were doing it too!

    Have a great weekend! (Is it still the weekend where you are?? :)


  6. No Sarah I have not taken part int the Pink Saturday of Beverly's blog but after CailinMarie commented I thought this post would have been well suited! Maybe sometime I will! I see you are doing a great job keeping up with the Pink Saturday idea! And thanks for commenting! :)

  7. Theresa, where are you?
    I hope you aren't giving up on blogging?

  8. Thanks for missing me Allie :) Life is just so busy with matric exams, wedding plans, birthday celebrations, ladies meetings etc. But no, I have not stopped blogging....
    You however, are writing better than ever! :)