Friday, August 26, 2011

Who are you Lord?

Yes I have empty nest. My children are living their own lives. One is far over the seas, one married and one away at university. As I thought of them and prayed for them I received the following message from a friend:

While praying one day a man asked:
Who are you, Lord?

He answered
I Am

But who is I Am
he said

He replied
I Am love
I Am Peace
I Am Grace
I Am Joy
I Am The Way
I Am The Truth
I Am The Light
I Am The Comforter
I Am Strength
I Am Shelter
I Am Power
I Am The Creator
I Am The Beginning and End
I Am The Most High

The man looked with tears in his eyes towards heaven and said:
Now I understand, but Lord, who am I?

God whispered

God is in control and will look after them. He knows every hair on their head, they are His - He will keep them healthy and safely but most of all I want them to continue to know our Father in this intimate way and to acknowledge Jesus in all they do. I find rest in that.


  1. Thank you so much. Always appreciate your writing.

  2. En ek sê ook dankie...