Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Not so long ago I did a post on trees. I spoke about their importance and how we should look after nature and the environment. I mentioned the fun memories that I have of the trees in my gardens over the years. I also mentioned how trees should not just be chopped down for no real reason. Then a friend reminded me of a time that a certain tree needed to be chopped down for the most significant reason of all!

The wood of that tree would be carried a long way by the most important person to ever walk the earth. Jesus was fixed to a wooden cross and He was tortured and crucified there. What kind of tree it was made from, does not matter. We all know about His extreme suffering and His pain and heartache. What matters is that you and I were set free by His blood shed on that cross. We can be forgiven because our God’s will has been done! He gave up His only son for us and this is the greatest love we will ever know.

I decided to leave all my burdens at the foot of that cross once again and live in the precious knowledge that He will be shaping, moulding and guiding me until He returns. I will try my best to walk in His footsteps daily…a hard act to follow!


  1. "Nail pierced hands they run with blood. A splitting brow forced by the thorns. His face is writhing with the pain. Yet it's comforting to me."

  2. Found myself listening to a song yesterday that repeated the phrase, "Lay it all down". You know, it's easy to sing it, but not so easy to do it. There are many things in this life that I struggle to complete let go of and let Christ carry for me.

    Thanks for the reminder of the cross and the blood that sets us free. Once again I will lay it all down.

    As for winter, I really love the beauty of it, just not the driving. Autumn is gorgeous here in Michigan and I always relish the beauty of our changing colors. Our summers are just so short and our winter soooo long :D

  3. Dis so waar, ons kan maar net met Sy genade probeer loop in daardie voetspore!