Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why blog?

We had a problem with our ADSL line and I could not get onto the Internet for a while! I felt very sorry for myself and wondered whether anyone had missed me but to my surprise I utilised the time wisely...some shelves were tidied, I answered two letters in long hand, sewed a pretty scatter cushion and added a few recipes to a recipe book. Then a dreadful thought crossed my mind and I started panicking...what if I could never get onto the Net again...what about my online friends and the worst, what if I could never add to my blog again! Why has this adventurous thing, called blogging, become so important to me was the next question. Mmmm.... some material for a new blog, so I started jotting down some ideas.

Blogging for me has become a fun-filled space where I am able to communicate with other like-minded people - find out how they think and their views of the world we live in. Here I feel free to also voice my own thoughts and opinions. It's a place where I can think things through and become creative. Blogging is exciting and often surprising as it brings something new to one's life every day. It's definitely always educational - I am learning more while messing around with the technology that I once was so afraid of and also am more aware of my environment. It forces me to read more and find out about life to be able to share more on my blog. I enjoy giving of myself and like everyone, so love receiving - blogging is the ideal place to do just that.

The only negatives that I can think of is that one could easily become addicted - I often need to keep my eye on the clock while busy, else nothing in my household will get done. So you see, blogging could possibly get one into trouble too. Right now however, there is no doubt that I am enjoying every moment sharing my little corner of the world with anyone that seems even vaguely interested.


  1. Dit is sommer baie baie oulik Theresa-
    ek het onwillikeurig geglimlag toe
    ek dit lees-
    Jy was omtrent bedrywig in die huis-sjoe!

  2. I see your thoughts were in the same direction as mine this week. I love blogging, but have had to learn self control over the years.

    I love your idea of the "friends" song by Michael W Smith. We had dear friends many years ago that moved 1200 miles away. I cross stitched the words of the song for them and gave it to them as a going away gift.

    Yes, friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them!

    Blessings to you today! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog my new friend!

  3. LOvely to see you back!
    And yes, addiction to blogging is a distinct threat -
    I think we all have to be aware of that danger :-)