Saturday, February 12, 2011

During crisis

When crisis after crisis after crisis happens over a short period of time it is inevidible that it will have some affect on one's life! In my case I tried to keep cool. I tried to remain in control but finally the following symptoms reared their ugly little heads. I felt restless, did not sleep or eat well, struggled to find peace, found life difficult and empty and there were neverending tears! It felt as if the sun was never going to shine again. I was broken and felt useless. Friends were amazing during this time and I added a few verses and words of encouragement sent by some of them here. These plus some other recommended changes and wise quotes slowly added to life becoming somewhat meaningful. I have started eating more healthily (even though I had Licorice for breakfast one morning this week!), am drinking more water and finding small highlights in each day. I am pleased to say that finally things are looking up - am feeling hopeful and positive once again. I am smiling again and yes, I am slowly finding rest for my soul for which I am so grateful!

Our doubts are traitors where we often might win the good, we lose by fearing to attempt. William Shakespear. From Duncan

There's never a teardrop that God doesn't see. He knows when a sparrow falls from a tree. There's never a moment when God doesn't care, never a time when he won't hear our matter what you have to face God is with you in his grace. From Eileen

God blesses those who realize their need for Him, for the kingdom of heaven is given to them. From Erma

Author of my faith, may every heart beat of my heart, every breath of my life, reach beyond and rise above the song of self to give glory revelation.
The breeze of God's grace is always blowing. All you have to do is hoist the sails. From Sannie

Be blessed, get up and live. Look after yourself, make a difference and live without being suspicous!
My character is far more important to God than my dreams. When I weigh myself and find that I am too light...The Lord says 'It's not about you, it's about God'
From Doreen

Then I found this quote while watching a movie:
'Our hearts do not need logic. They can love and forgive and accept that which our minds cannot comprehend. Hearts understand in ways minds cannot'
Lois Wilson

'n Happy person is a healthy person. Proverbs 17:2 (On an old and tattered paper cutting between my Mom's things)


  1. Ag sweetie, I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult time lately - it sounds devastating.
    But thank God for good friends and good counsel at times like these hey?!

    I hope that things are brighter for you very soon

  2. You are blessed to have friends like these. I have gone through despair myself. It is hard to find hope when you have these feelings. But Joyce Meyer (an evangelist preacher on TV) helped me to find the answer. Other Christians can be such a help!

  3. Sjoe, Theresa, dis wonderlik hoeveel wysheid daar is waaruit mens kan put-jy het my laat nadink oor baie dinge.
    Hoop elke dag is nog beter as die vorige.
    Ek spin jou vir beskerming in gebede toe!