Monday, July 12, 2010


What is it with me feeling so nostalgic and longing for 'the good old days' lately?
It often seems the past is filled with ideal pleasures. A flashback from my childhood triggers all kinds of emotions in me. Sometimes I really long to go back to a particular period of time whether it be my own childhood or when my own children were babies or toddlers. I know we can't have these times over but it is so wonderful to be able to remember the thoughts and feelings we gathered in times gone by.

Here are some moments I am nostalgic about:

Walking in after school to find a plate of warm syrupy flapjacks.

A gingham traycloth, cross-stitched by my little girl, used at an adult tea party.

Tears when my signet ring was cut through because of my ever-growing little fingers.

Five well-worn teddies in a row on the shelf: Mine, my husband's and our three children's.

I remember in the sixties, my Mom packing a basket full of home made pies for an outing to the drive-in to see an Elvis movie!

I just love sifting through the old button tin and finding, amongst other treasures, a memory of my five-year-old self. I remember my first outing to the zoo in my well-loved, green coat and a shiny silver button popping off.

My son's name in neatly written calligraphy on the inside of a children's book awarded to him for his interest in languages at playschool. Today he teaches students the same passion in English class!

As I look back and smile about these treasured moments, I remind myself that each new day brings with it a new memory to be made. Talking, laughing and connecting with my beautiful family and friends will be the source of many future, colourful memoirs to cherish.


  1. So sweet T. I think you are just a sentimental person. Yes? No?

  2. Some of my nostalgic moments: my Grandma's chicken soup, rice pudding and meat balls; the crisp air of early mornings bring me back to my school days in South Africa; sitting in the sun in my garden on a quiet morning, can almost feel as if I'm in the mountains!