Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Starting my blog...

Finally...I've got a blog! Thanks so much to my dear friend Fiona for helping me with this - I am going to have great fun and learn much in the process!

First I am going to put up some pics taken around my house so you can see where I am writing from.
Cozy fires during the winter months in my lounge, together with nutritious stews or soups help me through the rainy seasons in Cape Town.
Here is one of the two beds always available for friends who might want to pop in for a few days.
I have a fascination with 'hearts' and you will find them on door handles etc. in almost every room in our house. These two hanging on a kitchen cupboard were gifts from friends - one made from felt the other is a small black board.
The small scatter cushion was also a gift from a friend that inspired some colour changes in my home.
I love this little inherited silver butter dish and I enjoy using it for serving guests.
The white cupboard now in the kitchen came with the house which we bought sixteen years ago and has since served as a clothing cupboard, used for ornaments and now has my groceries in it.
My good friend, Inki, from Port Elizabeth gave me a lesson in mosaic work and I am most proud of this cross hanging in my lounge. I would love to attempt a larger one sometime!
We will soon have a son-in-law and I might have to have a group of six figures made -for now this one (all the way from Holland) of the five of us will have to do.
The two colourful cushions on the couch I found while bargain hunting at a second hand store where I hang out regularly...not just to buy but for the nostalgia that it brings. I see many items that come from my era or childhood there.
This old couch given to us by Andy's parents often gets fought over for an afternoon nap and has much sentimental value - I rested on it during pregnancy, breastfed my babies on it and this was also where my husband first told me he loved me when we were still going out. It has been revamped once though.
The cute vintage type clock was a gift from my Dutch neighbour and the art was one of my older daughter's first attempts at oil painting.


  1. WOW!!! This is so cool. You've inspired me to start blogging too!

    I looking forward to reading more.

    Love, Andy

  2. Dis sommer baie baie oulik, vriendin-ek sal gereeld kom kyk.
    Was heerlik om so 'n toer deur jou huis te kry!
    You go girl!
    Luv, E

  3. Wow, Mom! This is really awesome! :-) What a wonderful way to express yourself creatively...I look forward to seeing what you're going to be blogging!

    Lots of love

    Monique xxx

  4. Hi Theresa! I'm so glad to see you've started a blog---I love having mine! Your home looks so comfortable and charming--thank you for sharing those pictures! I especially love your "family figurine" from Holland. I've become a follower now and look forward to getting to know you better through your blog :)

    ~Sarah Coller

  5. Well done Trix! I think you are going to love blogging. Fiona xx

  6. Hi Trix - Thanks for popping in at AllieChilling!
    Yes, it was lovely to meet the two of you. Not conducive to conversation what with all the soccer pizazz but maybe we can remedy that another time?

    Congrats on starting your own space: there's nothing quite like it as you will soon find out.
    Blogbuds can become dear trusted friends, even if you never meet them face to face.
    We have found that its ok to be totally real here: the support and input we can get and give is amazing.

    What a beautiful family you have! Lovely to hear of families doing well, specially now, when so many are struggling.

    It seems you have an immediate aptitude for blogging judging by what you already done :-)
    I look forward to future visits - enjoy yourself!