Friday, July 23, 2010


I am realising more and more every day that writing is good for the soul! It helps us to map out our paths and of course as a Christian, God is always in every small detail!

I have just started blogging. It is quite different to keeping journals, then hiding them in the cupboard, (which I have done for years). Apparently once you put pen to paper, whether it be writing a letter to a good friend, a short story, a poem or keeping a diary, you are allowed to call yourself a writer. I can see that with each blog, where I share my thoughts by adding prose or a poem with my friends and the world, that I am becoming more enthusiastic and confident.

To some extent a writer is always working - you tend to be alert to all of your surroundings - people and places. You notice every tiny little thing, so that much of what you hear or see will come back at some time to capture on paper or your PC. The subconscious mind does more writing than we think.

You learn to write by writing and I would like writing to fill my life. I want to follow famous author, Julia Cameron's advice...write at least three pages of anything every day. The earlier I write these pages, which she calls Morning pages, the better - while the mind is fresh and preferably in long hand. You can decide what you would like to do with those notes later on.

Once a week I need to have an 'Artist's date' for an hour or so - visiting a place that might inspire me, whether it be an antique shop or art gallery - museum or craft shop.

She also suggests regular solitary walks to gather your thoughts and collect new ideas. Or maybe going to a coffee shop and sit jotting down what you observe in the waitress, the cake stand or what's on the table.

I want writing to be like breathing.

The best advice Julia gave to go back to my my minds-eye stand back and look into my room. The patterns on the curtains and my treasured toys. I scratched in my current cupboard and found my favourite tattered teddy bear which now has a place of honour on my dressing table. I went to the shop and bought a packet of sherbet, a sweet, which I loved as a child - I imagined sitting in the large oak tree looking down at the world and savouring every spoonful on my tongue. Finding the little Theresa in me again has brought a new outlook and fascination with all my surroundings.

But for now I have to return to real life, washing and ironing to be done, grocery shopping etc. But, who knows what might come from all of this space!


  1. Sjoe, het ek nou hierdie stukkie geniet-jy het 'n besondere talent Theresa.
    Ja, die sherbet--en ons het resep gehad waarmee ons dit self kon aanmaak-dink ek het dit nog iewers!
    Jy skrywe stunning, hoe meer ek lees van jou woorde, hoe meer wil ek daarvan lees...

  2. I agree with Erma. I love your blog, keep it up! I see you still do your morning pages. Julia is on my bedside table, but has been quiet too long. I should definitely pick it up again. The only thing is this early morning writing... I enjoy those last moments in bed, before I have to start the rush of the day, getting ready for work. Any tips??